Navigating The Potholes And Land Mines Of Bankruptcy And Divorce

The law, like life, doesn't always fall into distinct, convenient compartments. Problems arise at odd times and issues often overlap. Bankruptcy is no different. For many couples, financial problems can place considerable stress on a marriage, which may lead to divorce. In other cases, a divorce may incur serious financial hardship for one or both parties, possibly necessitating bankruptcy. In some cases, each party filing for bankruptcy can provide the financial relief couples need to overcome money woes and save their relationship. David R. Badger, P.A., provides a unique subspecialty in matters where domestic and financial issues intersect.

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Could I lose all my most valuable possessions?

Although Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often referred to as liquidation, the truth is that a majority of debtors who file for bankruptcy are able to keep their assets and property. Our attorney can work with you and explain the numerous bankruptcy exemptions and how they apply to you.